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This is a little bit of a personal post, switch off now if that’s not what your here for. Today is mothers day and I for one know that this day isn’t easy for everyone. My social media has been filled with pictures of Mum’s and messages and it got me thinking about the people behind the picture and there story of how they embarked on this journey into motherhood. I don’t know theirs but I do know mine.

We began trying for a baby and after a few months of trying it started to become very stressful. We had decide to have a baby now where was this baby we desperately wanted! A few more months passed and I took a trip to the GP who said everything was probably fine but that they would run some tests. Tests came back great no problems, this didn’t really help (I needed a reason). I found myself in tears as every month passed, sitting on the toilet wondering what we were doing wrong. Eventually I did become pregnant we were ecstatic it had worked we stared at that magic test which may aswell have had the words ‘pregnant’ in big flashing neon lights on it. I was in an early pregnancy haze and had already begun to imagine what this little person would be like.


This haze was short lived and actually turned into a living nightmare I began to bleed (tmi). Another trip to the GP who said just go home and rest, try not to worry but I knew something wasn’t right. Eventually we were sent for a scan where the sonographer told me I wasn’t pregnant. How could this be? I had carried on doing regular tests, I felt numb, my world had crashed around me. She must be wrong, she asked me to go and take a pregnancy test (as if maybe I was lying, or that’s how it felt). The test was positive, further scans showed that in fact I was experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. I could barely speak and yet I had to make lots of decisions, I had blood tests, Doctors, nurses and options. I had decided to try a drug which was injected into my thighs which basically would stop the pregnancy an overnight stay and I was waiting for the inevitable to happen, well actually I wasn’t really sure what was supposed to happen. Weekly blood tests after to analyse pregnancy hormones showed they were reducing but very slowly. Almost a month after I collapsed in pain and was rushed to hospital where long story short I ended up losing a Fallopian tube. I had drains, oxygen, medical students wanting to hear about my rare case. I was devastated it didn’t matter what people said. I’ve heard it all ‘it will happen’ ‘everything happens for a reason’ ‘give it time’ blah blah blah. Actually I don’t want to give it time I want to be pregnant. I then had to endure follow up appointments surrounded by pregnant women, glowing and rubbing there lovely bumps. I dreaded finding out friends were pregnant and even avoided having to make eye contact with pregnant people. 3 years on and I actually conceived easier with one tube and have 2 beautiful children and I really am truly blessed.


Anyway I’ve rambled on enough I guess what I’m saying is that we don’t always know the full story behind a picture, comment or status so we should just try and support each other however that may be. Perhaps it’s celebrating in others joy! I absolutely love hearing people’s baby announcements (now) and try and remember the story behind the announcement. If anyone is reading this who is trying I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been the crying mess in the toilet remember. Want any advice on ttc or recovering from an ectopic pregnancy feel free to pop me a message. I hope is might have brought a tiny bit of hope or comfort.


Charlotte x




So most people who know me, know that I love an occasion. I love pregnancy, new baby, birthdays, hen do’s, children’s parties, weddings it doesn’t matter I love them all. As I am sat here though on this beautiful sunny morning on annual leave from the day job and on the eve of my 6th wedding anniversary I can’t help but turn my thoughts to wedding season. What is it about a wedding day that is so special? I love it all even though I am already married I drive my Husband mad by watching those TV shows about wedding dresses is it the one or not? I need to know. Often people describe their wedding day as the best day of their lives and after all those months sometimes years of planning it all boils down to that one special day where everything must run smoothly and every little detail that you have been stressing about such as which colour ribbon to tie your napkins with and which font to use for place cards all come together and is enjoyed with all your most special people around you. In reality all those little details are just for you as everyone else is just there to celebrate and watch 2 special people declare their love and commitment to one another. However as a perfectionist who likes to make sure every detail has been thought about I must confess I probably share the brides excitement and anticipation of seeing all those little details.

My Wedding

When I am a guest at a wedding i cant wait to see what the couple have chosen as their favor’s, have they stamped, printed or hand written the place card, what flowers have they got, what are there centerpieces like and most importantly (after the dress of course) what is the colour scheme!!!! I know most people say they wouldn’t change a thing about their wedding day and neither would I, but (there’s always a but) I would love to get married again and again ( to the same man of course). I just fall in love and get inspired by different things daily whether it be a dress, a bouquet that I might have seen or even just a colour crush that i’m having at the time. Who wouldn’t want the chance to have that rustic vintage inspired wedding, maybe a simple classic white inspired wedding or a destination wedding? Anyway I digress the reason i’m on here is to announce that I am currently in the process of designing some new wedding products and I have some new equipment to help me. The little beauty that you see below is going to let me foil!!


I love a little bit of glitter , shimmer and gold and as my current wedding crush is blush pink and gold I thought this might help me (any excuse for a new toy). So if you are getting married firstly congratulations, secondly let me know what your scheme / colour is (I love hearing what people are having) and thirdly if you think I might be able to you design something then just pop me an email or comment below.



Charlotte x




Welcome to my lovely new site. I’m so excited to share with you these first 2 collections. I hope you enjoy your visit and find everything you need here. I have already been doodling away creating another new collection so keep your peepers peeled.  If there is something you want that is not on the site such as a personalisation or an alternative colour combo please email me at, I will be more than happy to look into it for you.

The current collections have been inspired by my love of all things simple and modern. When looking for my own children rooms I found it really difficult to find something without a character or overly fussy designs on. I must confess I am a little in love with all things monochrome and well having a daughter she obviously loves all things pink and sparkly.

Let me know what you think, always happy to receive feedback as I am new to this so you may have to bare with me just a little.

Lots of love and excited tummy feelings

C x